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We specialize in motorcycle and scooter towing services.

Check out our External link opens in new tab or windowTowing Calculator to get an estimate.

Spin Cycle Towing based out of Trenton, NJ is at your service to provide affordable and professional motorcycle and scooter towing. We serve residents of New Jersey, Philadelphia, Eastern Pennsylvania, and New York City. Our dedicated employees are motorcycle enthusiasts themselves, and know how to treat your bike.

We are an AAA-authorized contractor and handle motorcycles and scooters exclusively. Our vehicles have on board all the tools and equipment needed to secure your bike safely while in tow. Our five trucks are specifically designed to tow motorcycles and scooters. Using the exclusive Amerideck Hydraulic Loading system, we can tow anything—from a Harley Davidson Trike to a 50cc Vespa Scooter.

Spin Cycle Towing Now Offers "Delivery and Return" Services for One Flat Rate

Get your motorcycle or scooter delivered to one of our Preferred Dealers for repair and have it returned to you when it’s done.

By Appointment Only

For a quote, all you have to do is launch the Towing Calculator. Once the Towing Calculator is launched, it lists a number of Preferred Dealers (that’s the term the calculator uses) which you can choose from to repair your bike. In the space provided, enter the current location of your motorcycle. Then, from the list of Preferred Dealers, choose the establishment you wish to repair your bike by clicking on it. Now click Calculate Towing Cost to get an initial one-way price estimate for the towing services you need. You are now ready to schedule your Delivery and Return towing service. Click the Schedule a Pickup Date button and follow the instructions provided. In the space provided for comments, please indicate that this is a "Delivery and Return" service request or “DNR.” We’ll contact you back to confirm that the on-line price quote is accurate for the services you’re seeking.

In many instances, the fee for delivery and return services is $119.95 within a 10 mile radius of most Preferred Dealers.

Mobile App

Download our Spin Cycle Towing mobile app to your iPhone or Android phone. Go to spincycletowing.net and download the calculator app. You can get a towing estimate sent directly to your phone. You can also schedule towing service as well.

Club Discount

Having problems finding a roadside assistance club in your area that specifically handles motorcycles and scooters? Tired of not knowing who or what kind of vehicle your local towing company will send to assist you when your motorcycle or scooter breaks down? We have teamed up with the Better World Club to provide roadside assistance for your motorcycle or scooter. We invite you to join the club that relies exclusively on Spin Cycle Towing for motorcycle and scooter towing. Click on the icon below to sign up. Use the CODE "SPIN2121" to receive a 10% discount on your membership start up fees. If you are looking for another way to receive a discount with us, we recommend using AAA. Click on the logo below if you would like to join.